"Here’s How to Get Paid, Every Day, While Being Surrounded by Super-Hot Women"

I’ll show you the specific steps to help you get paid to work with exotic dancers

And you can…

  • Get started in 30 days or less
  • Choose your own schedule
  • Run your own show
  • Live almost anywhere you like

AND you’ll have more time to work out, party, goof-off, and date more women.

Does this sound too good to be true? Impossible even?

Hi! I’m Bill Matthews. And I’m going to show you that it’s not only possible, but easy to do. If you’re looking for a fast-paced job that’s never boring, one overflowing with great music and gorgeous women, you’re going to love this.

You are paid to push a few buttons, play music, talk and hang out at a non-stop party with dozens of hot women.

Let me show you why this is such an awesome gig. Then, I’ll share the insider secrets that can guarantee your success. And finally, I’ll show you how to get a fast start and quickly become a top DJ so you can…

Work less, play more

You name your schedule, full or part-time. And since Gentlemen’s clubs are also open during the day, you can choose days or nights. Pick days, and you can sleep in, show up about noon, and have your nights free.

Take three-day weekends, if you like. And four weeks of vacation every year. What’s more, you will …

Be treated like a VIP

As the DJ at a top club, you get the VIP treatment at other clubs, restaurants, and businesses. Why? Because many of your customers own these places. Or work there. They’ll recognize you. Imagine how a woman reacts when you take her to a restaurant or a hot club and the manager comes over, greets you by name and buys you a round of drinks.

And you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Enjoy lots of choice perks

Besides the great view, you get lots of freebies as the DJ at a top club. Film stars, athletes and other celebrities visit regularly. In Houston, members of the Rockets, Astros and the old Oilers often came to party after the games. And they brought visiting players with them.

I got more free tickets than I could use. Choice seats at top games and shows. Then there’s the rock stars.

If you’ve heard them on the radio, chances are I’ve met them in my club. You can do the same. What happens is the band or the road crew stops by and the next thing you know, your name is on the guest list for the next night’s show. Not just tickets but sometimes even backstage passes.

What’s more, I got great deals on clothes, stereos, computers, and all sorts of things. All through people I met at the club. They knew that as the DJ, I was tight with all the dancers. So they bent over backwards to take care of me. But what may matter more is that …

You Run The Show

The women. The audience. You set the entire atmosphere of the club. A bartender, a manager, even a dancer or two, can leave and not be missed. But without you, there is no show. You are the host of the party. And you have total control.

And you’ll really be happy to hear…

No prior experience is necessary

You need no special skills. You don’t have to spend weeks and weeks practicing how to mix music like dance club DJs. And even without experience, you can pick up a gig easily in a smaller club IF you know the right approach. So few people see the bucks to be made in this, that there’s not much competition. And I’ll show you how to beat what little there is.

Here’s more good news…

No expensive equipment to buy

Mobile DJs spend thousands of dollars on equipment and music before they can even do their first gig. Since the clubs provide the sound systems and the music, you don’t have to put out a cent. What’s more, you …

Get paid from day one

Every day is payday. This killer gig puts an end to being broke long before your next check comes in. The dancers tip you at the end of every gig, in addition to what the club pays you. Even some of the customers tip you, and that’s like found money.

Sound good? Wait, it gets even better.

Live anywhere you choose, even overseas

There are over 2500 clubs in the U.S., over 300 in Canada, and even more in cities all over the world. And probably several where you are living right now.

Want to live in a non-stop party town like Vegas? If you like to ski, there’s Denver. If you like the beach, it’s tough to beat Miami. Name the major city and there are bound to be several clubs there.

Did I mention the women?

For many men, dating a stripper is an unfulfilled fantasy. But if you’ve ever tried to get one of these girls to go out on a date, you probably didn’t get far. That’s because dancers rarely date customers. But when you’re the DJ, it’s a different story and things can get interesting pretty fast.

However, there’s a couple of types of strippers. One type can be perfect and the other a nightmare. I’ll show you which type to aim for and which type to avoid.

But what if you’re just looking to make a little extra on the side. If so, being a DJ is…

The perfect part-time gig

If you’re happy with your job and just want to earn some extra bucks on the weekends, gentlemen’s clubs are perfect. Get the right gig and you can get paid to hang out with gorgeous women and bring extra cash every week.

And this is the ideal way to convince yourself you love the gig, before moving into it full-time.

Okay. Even though there’s more good stuff, let me turn to exactly what needs to be done. The first question to ask, is …

How do you get started as a DJ?

There certainly aren’t any schools or training programs and I’ve never seen a ‘how-to’ book on the subject.

A new DJ is usually shown a few basics by an overworked manager, then left to fend for themselves. Most struggle along, quit, or get stuck in a club that never pays off for them.

Some DJs tough it out and eventually get to a bigger club. But only after wasting years of their life bogged down in the wrong clubs. They never got solid advice on how to move up. So the whole bit was trial and error. Mostly the latter.

The truth is there has never been an easy way to find out how to get started as a DJ in a gentlemen’s club.

That is, until now.

In my course, “I’d Kill For That Job,” I share all the secrets you need to put yourself on the path to becoming a TOP club DJ. (And why settle for anything but the top? That’s where the real bucks are.)

Ok, so you’re interested but maybe you’re wondering…

What Makes Me Such An Expert?

Good question.

I was in the club business for over 20 years. I was the DJ Manager for one of the most well known club organizations in the world. And I’ve personally trained dozens of DJs. And I’ve worked with thousands of dancers. (For more details, click here to check out my bio.)

I used to say I wish I had my own book, “How To Be A DJ”, before I got started as a disc jockey so I could have avoided two things — making mistakes, and the incredibly long and low-paying learning curve. But now that I’ve read Bill’s “I’d Kill for that Job”, I wish I had his course even more than my own!

If you’re already a DJ, or even if you’re just starting out, you absolutely need to know about becoming a DJ in the Gentlemen’s Club industry. With only a year or two of experience and no beatmatching or scratching skills necessary, many of these DJs make more in one single night than I used to make in an entire week! And they get to hang out with some of the sexiest, most attractive women in their markets — need I say more? If I had only known about this industry, my DJ career definitely would have taken a much different, more interesting, and much more profitable turn.

“I’d Kill For That Job” has all the information you’ll need to get a running start in this previously almost underground business. Bill has disclosed many industry “trade secrets” that’ll surely get a bunch of DJs angry at him, but this is the true value of this course, and your bonus!

HIGHLY RECOMMEND reading this course to open your eyes about the “other DJ business.” If you’re serious about becoming a career DJ, this is some of the best money you’ll ever spend. It could change your life — sure as hell would have changed mine. Hell, I’d kill for that job!”

Chuck Fresh
Author of “How To Be A DJ”

Invaluable information not found anywhere else

In this comprehensive course, I share everything I have learned in over 20 great years working in the club business. I show you how to double, or even triple, your tips in any club. And how to avoid the mistakes made by most DJ’s.

What’s more, I share advice and suggestions from three of the top DJs in the country. Between them, they have over 50 years of experience! This gives you a fantastic edge over other beginners. And over many who have been in the business for years. You’ll discover in a matter of days, everything it took us years to learn.


Just mowed through your book. It was PACKED with excellent information. I recently checked out a club for the purposes of DJing there and your book answered the burning questions I had when I left there. I was completely amazed at how easy it would be to do my homework and jump in the game.

Your book has given me the tips I need to go after it.

Sooooooo…. long story short, GREAT book.


Austin, Texas

Nothing else to buy!

This original and easy to follow program is packed with information. It includes everything you need to make the most money with the least amount of hassle. There is absolutely nothing else you need.

Here are just a few of the things I show you exactly how to do. And every single one helps put more bucks into your pocket more easily. Just follow the step-by-step guidelines, and all easily falls in place.

You could begin making money in 30 days or less

If you begin right now, it’s quite possible you can start at a club in less than 30 days. Many do but, unfortunately, I can’t guarantee you will. Common sense dictates that someone with a speech problem, with a really thick foreign accent or that’s 80 years old is probably not going to make it in this business.

I don’t expect someone like that to buy this course but just in case they did, they can’t sue me. 🙂 Of course, I’m assuming that’s not you and that you can study this course and go out and get your first gig just like Rollie Duer did in Ohio…

Sure enough, I did pick up a job no longer than two weeks after reading your course.

I am learning new things everyday but the biggest step was getting my foot in the door and that is what your course helped me do. Your course is well written and very easy to follow. I go back and read it all the time even though I have read it completely through.

Glad to write this because you helped me out a lot. Thanks Bill.

Rollie Duer
Clinton, Ohio

Rollie got started quickly so can you when you…

Discover exactly what to say and how to say it

It’s easy. And when you have this course, you’ll quickly develop your own style. You’ll be able to handle any club situation. The best clubs will want you to be their ‘voice.’ And the best clubs have the best women, the ones who line your pockets with cash.

How to run the equipment

If you can play an mp3 file on your computer, you can run the sound system in any club. I’ll show you everything you need to know in short order.

I’ll share the ins and outs of stage lighting. Dancers often tip extra when you give them a great light show.

How to control the Dancers

Working with strippers can be a lot of fun but some of these roses have more thorns than others. You’ll discover how to keep them all happy and keep them tipping. And you’ll learn how to become any dancer’s favorite DJ.

This matters because every club has at least one or two prima donnas that can drive a DJ crazy. With “I’d Kill For That Job,” you’ll discover how to deal with these spoiled brats and turn them into your best tippers.

Choose the best club to make the best bucks

Discover how to make sure you are immediately aware of any openings at any club that interests you. You’ll save months, even years of being stuck in a bad club. You’ll move up to the best clubs 10 times faster than most DJs even dream of doing.

You’ll be able to identify the different types of managers and club owners, and know how to deal with each type effectively. You’ll discover how to get the best shifts, as many as you like, and make more money faster.

How to choose music that keeps both the dancers and the audience pumped up

A system for keeping track of each dancer’s music.
A fast and easy way to discover the best songs within any music category.
How to find new music in minutes each week, not hours.

The hardest part for me was making the move from doing mobile DJ work on cruise ships after being spotted by a headhunter for International DJ Service (London, New York Singapoore). I made contacts all over the world after landing with the most prestigious club in the world, Stringellows USA. With them, I went through a major change; the ride of my life. Think Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

This all happened in 1989 and I wish this book was around back then. Life would have been a lot simpler. Upon purchasing your course, I’ve noticed that I’ve learned some more valuable tools of the trade. There are things that will help you turn your life around. This is a very valuable resource for anybody wishing to set foot into the most amazing show in the world. Let me tell you, it will be the best move of your life but keep it under control. The $$$ will change you…hopefully into what you really want in life.

Bill, thank you for the knowledge you have portrayed. Very nicely put.

Marc Pears aka Markie Marc
DJ at Sapphires
Las Vegas The World’s Largest Gentlemen’s Club
Owner, DJ RAK

Avoid the costly mistakes almost every DJ makes.

A simple technique to boost your tips that 90% of DJs overlook.

The right time to change clubs or shifts. Many DJs settle for $100 to $200 a night. It’s easy to duck this mistake when you know how.

Discover ‘attitude money’ and how it can boost your income.

The do’s and don’ts of dating dancers and waitresses.

How to work the crowd and keep them spending money

I’ll show you how to interact with customers in a way that keeps them coming back and helps you earn more money.

As a DJ who has now been in the adult nightclub industry for close to 20 years, I would highly recommend this course to not only people wanting to start in the business, but the seasoned pro as well.

It’s highly informative and knowledgeable. Where was this book when I was getting started?!!

Ronnie Baker
Former Head DJ, Club Juana (Ronnie is now a country
recording artist)
Orlando, Florida

My Twenty Year’s of Experience Is Yours Risk-Free

This is just a sampling of what I share with you in Strip Club DJ 101. It includes everything you need to know. All presented in a step-by-step easy-to-follow format that you can absorb in just a few days.

It’s all there for the taking. The bucks, the babes, the perks, the cushy schedule, and the freedom to live life on your terms. Strip Club DJ 101 is your ticket to a lifestyle most people only dream about.

You are not going to find information like this anywhere else. What Bill has written is amazing. His knowledge of the business is second to none.

I’ve been in the business now for over 15 years. Bill trained me to be a DJ in 1989 and I got my first job two weeks later. The money has far exceeded my expectations and I totally control my schedule. At Treasures, I work four days a week, get weekends off and I get to take four weeks of vacation every year.

Tab Nesbit
Former Head DJ, Treasures
(The #1 Strip Club in Houston, TX)

Get Started in Five Minutes

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Best of all, this package includes free automatic updates for a full 3 years. As new information is added to the course, you’ll be able to access it on the site.

Having been a Las Vegas Stripper for many years, I had the pleasure of working with some of the best DJs as well as some of the worst. If you are serious about becoming one of the better DJs in the business, then read Bill’s
course and take notes.

Just like a good bartender, a good DJ is worth his weight in gold. If you do your job well, the dancers will worship the very ground you walk on and you will make phenomenal money. I never had the pleasure of working with Bill, however, after reading his
course, I know that he is one of the best. If you put what you read into action, you will soon be ranked among the finest in the industry and be able to enjoy all that goes with it.

Georgia Lawrence
Author, “Stripper Success Secrets Revealed”

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Send a copy of your demo CD  (which I show you how to make in the course). Or a sample recording of you working in a club. I’ll record a reply and return it to you with specifics that apply strictly to you. This will help you sound more professional and, of course, make more money.

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I look forward to hearing from you. Tell me all about your new DJ gig. And what you plan to do with all the money you’ll be making.


Bill Matthews

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